Both our cast aluminium and steel window boxes comes in four pieces: two side pieces, the front piece and the base. Full assembly instructions, two coach screws and screws for the lower fixings are included, all you need for attaching your window box. The easiest way to assemble our window boxes  is to do so on the ground and then fit them as seen in the video. They can also be assembled from a window as shown in the photos below.

Step 1:

Marking the top hole. Using a cardboard template made from the lid of the window box carton, mark the top and bottom 

holes you need to drill. 

Step 2:

Drill the top hole into the brick or stone work and then the 2 bottom holes. 

Step 3:

Screw in the coach bolts, fixing the side piece to the wall. 

Repeat on the other side of the window frame.

Step 4:

Slot in the base plate. Fix the screws at the base of the side pieces.

Step 5:

Slide in the front piece and tighten all fittings

Step 6: