How difficult is it to install the Window Box

Our window boxes have been designed to be easy to install. Someone reasonably competent at DIY can have a window box ready for plants in around 20 minutes. See our step by step assembly for a brief description.

What width Window Box should I order?

Measure the window and add a minimum of 3” (7.5 cm) on either side, as the side brackets need to be fixed beyond the window frame into the brick or stonework.

If you have outward opening windows, you can attach the window box below the sill. And don’t forget the garden or patio wall, our window boxes can provide an attractive feature on a blank wall.

Will the Window Boxes fit all window sill sizes?

Our window boxes will fit most sill sizes. It does not matter if the window box is wider than the sill or if the sill juts out beyond the window box or if it slopes downward. As the window box has a carrying capacity of 50 kgs in weight, it does not need to be supported by a sill.

Are the Window Boxes suitable for bay windows?

Our window boxes are suitable for bay windows with flat pillars and flat brickwork. They are not suitable for bay windows with curved or grooved pillars. 

What load can the Window Boxes carry?

Up to 50 kgs in weight, so you can attach the window boxes to garden and patio walls or under windows. 

Do the Window Boxes need maintenance?

Our window boxes are made from rustproof powder-coated aluminium, they will not rust.

What about conservation areas and listed buildings?

Please contact your local planning office to find out if fixing window boxes is allowed in your area  

Return Policy

We accept returns with in one month of purchase if the product is unused, we arrange the postage back to us and then will refund minus all P&P costs. The cost of postage for returning items over 150cm will be charged at £30.00, as this what Parcel Force charge us for collection and delivering back to us. A 15% restocking charge may be charged depending on the reason for the return. Purchases made more than a month ago maybe returned at our discretion.

Day of delivery.

If you would like your order delivered on a certain day please email us and we will arrange the delivery accordingly.